Attacks on Muslim women

Attacks on Muslim women


After a rash of attacks on Muslim women it’s time to be proactive.  And I stress the active part.  Muslim women must learn to protect themselves in a physical way.  No I’m not advocating joining an ISIS training camp (though some of those folks do look pretty diesel) but I am saying enough is Enough (think Jennifer Lopez in the 2005 film of the same name).

Recently two Muslim women In Brooklyn, New York were attacked while pushing their children in strollers. Their hijabs were almost ripped from their heads, they were struck about the face and body, they were cursed at, and the final straw – their babies (11 months and 15 months) were also assailed.

Soon after that incident, another Muslim woman, similarly dressed in religious garb, was set on fire in front of a designer shoe store on the famed Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Ladies, how much more can you handle being lit on fire for WHAT YOU ARE WEARING???  How much more should your children suffer?  You cannot allow yourself to be bullied anymore.  And when dealing with bullies, sometimes you need to stand up for yourself.  So it’s time to join a self-defense class, a boxing club, or perhaps learn the Israeli art of combat, krav maga. Self-defense and group exercise expert, Sal Dorsey agrees.  (link to  “When Muslim women are “sick and tired of being targets they will be ready to make that jump to learn self-defense – then they will take the initiative.”

Sal amplified that one’s “environment gives you your mind set; if its harsh it gives you the desire to be more street smart, more aware of your surroundings and to be tough, overall.  But if your environment doesn’t dictate your perception, then you are not mentally capable to make that leap.”

How would a self-defense class help Muslim women?  In general, according to Sal, “self-defense helps women gain self-confidence and reduces intimidation.”  And Sal suggested the religious garb could be utilized as tool in protecting themselves.  Instead of being fearful for what you are wearing so many women will start feeling like they are actually adorned in protective gear.

Sal sees the one-on-one scenario as the best method to learn self-defense.  I think that, in and of itself, could be intimidating for a traditional Muslim woman.  However, Sal explained that the initial evaluation should be private because every personality is different which must be assessed to determine what type of training would be best; an aggressive personality would require a different type of training than a passive one.

Personally, I simply don’t think it’s realistic that a Muslim woman would go see a personal trainer solo; my suggestion is that a group go together and then be individually assessed.  Another idea, bring the trainer to the mosque!  Why not?  Experts like Sal Dorsey would be honored to be instrumental in empowering Muslim women to protect themselves.

It is time to see Muslim ladies feel secure, strong and walk their streets proudly with no fear or intimidation.  But it is also time to take initiative.  Only we can make ourselves powerful.  Go out there and claim it.

Resistance 1 – Trump 0

Resistance 1 – Trump 0